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"I recently obtained a female pit bull terrier called 'Sarah' from Rudy, the service and training both before and after I got 'Sarah' has been excellent, she is a perfect dog for my family. I would recommend Rudy Drexler's School for Dogs to anyone! Thank you very much Rudy"


- Steve, Elkhart, Indiana.


Dogs for sale. Dog Training Elkhart Indiana

"We purchased a German Shepherd female imported from Germany. Rudy Drexler's School for Dogs trained our dog in Obedience and Home Defense. The best thing about working with Rudy is that he doesn't just facilitate the purchase of a dog. Before he starts the process he qualifies you, your situation and your intent for the dog. He then teaches everything from learning the proper handling methods, commands, timing, nutrition and maintaining obedience standards. I would also highly recommend Rudy to anyone looking to add a working protection dog to their family or business"


- Dale, Edwardsburg, Michigan

Dogs for sale, Personal protection, Dog Training Elkhart Indiana

"Magic and I received our training from Rudy Drexler's School for Dogs, I have owned dogs since I was a little boy and 'Magic' is the best ever! He has received his 'Tracking certification, obedience and guard/bite work' training all at Rudy Drexler's School For Dogs. Not only is the training excellent but the personal involvement and follow-up by Rudy keeps 'Magic' sharp at all times. Besides being a family companion,'Magic' is a full time employee at my gun store! Just ask my customers if 'Magic' owns the turf! I would recommend Rudy Drexler's School For Dogs to anyone who wants professional training for their dog. Rudy has the years of experience to help whatever you need.


- Doug Rhude, Elkhart, Indiana

"After almost 32 years in law enforcement, as a Deputy Sheriff; It was my extreme pleasure to have worked with 4 K-9's purchased from Rudy Drexler's School for Dogs. These working dogs were: 1 German Shepherd and 3 Rotweilers. Their work was beyond compare! Mr Drexler's facility is always well maintained and extremely clean. Mr Drexler himself, is the most knoledgeable person I have had the privilege to know.."


Lt. Joseph W. Green (Retired), Daviess County, Kentuky

Dogs for sale. Dog Training Elkhart Indiana
Dogs for sale. Dog Training Elkhart Indiana

"I've been in law enforcement for 14 years and have worked around several K-9 units. Some of the best dogs have come from Rudy drexler's School for Dogs. I would highly recommend his dogs because they are very effective police dogs and great social dogs while off duty."


Trin Daws, Waterloo Police Department, Illinois

Sari (Wildsteigi Nina) was born October 9, 2002 in Budapest, Hungary. She was imported into the United States on April 5, 2005 by Rudy Drexler's School for Dogs in Elkhart, Indiana. Sari met her partner Sgt. James Lansing while receiving extensive training in handler protection, narcotics detection, tracking, obedience and building searches, earning their K-9 certification on July 29, 2005. Sheriff Dan Kelley introduced 'Sari' as the Monroe County Sheriff's department Police Patrol Dog on August 1, 2005. Sari has won numerous awards from the German Shepherd Dog Club of St. Louis for apprehension, tracking and evidence recovery.


Sgt. James Lansing, Monroe County, Illinois

Dogs for sale. Dog Training Elkhart Indiana
Dogs for sale. Dog Training Elkhart Indiana

"When our family was finally ready to bring a dog into our family we knew we wanted a well trained and mature female dog.  Our search led us to Drexler School for Dogs and Rudy knew that the right dog for us would be Odessa a beautiful three year old German Shepard Dog from Germany.  Due to Rudy's impeccable reputation we eagerly awaited Odessa's arrival.  One year later we couldn't be more pleased with Odessa she is extremely loyal and protective of her family!  Not only is she well mannered and obedient she is also playful and so very smart!  We couldn't imagine our life without our sweet dog!  Thank you Rudy for all you do!!"


- Jennifer Bernier, St. Louis, Missouri

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